Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2


By James Davidson

Deadpool 2, the much anticipated sequel, takes us back into the wacky, silly, gritty world which gives us a different look at superhero movies. Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as the merc with the mouth, Wade Wilson, who likes pokes fun at himself, as well as other superhero franchises in a funny, if not, raunchy way.


In this installation, Deadpool brings together a group of mutants to form the X-Force in order to help a rogue, teenage mutant, known as Firefist. Firefist is out to get revenge on those who have hurt him in a mutant orphanage run by an anti-mutant group. While you might agree with Firefist’s cause, the way he goes about it is wrong. He plans to burn down the whole orphanage, with the orphans still inside, unless Deadpool and the X-Force can stop him.


Deadpool and the X-Force get caught up in all kinds of hilarious hijinks. I found the humor in the movie to be quite funny, though often very vulgar and it could go a bit far at times. Like the first movie, the humor is very adult themed and raunchy, so if you are not interested in this type of humor the film probably not for you.


While I enjoyed the humor and thought the jokes landed very well overall, I found the plot of the movie to be a bit muddled. There wasn’t much storyline at all. However, most people will probably not be going to this movie expecting an engaging plot. Overall, the humor almost makes up for a very weak story.


I thought the movie was very well cast, Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role of Wade Wilson. Additionally, his chemistry with Morena Baccarin, who plays Wade’s girlfriend Vanessa, is really fantastic . Brianna Hildebrand also reprises her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the teenage mutant with an awesome name.  Most of the members of X-Force are also recognizable with Terry Cruise and Brad Pitt making appearances as Bedlam and Vanisher.


There are two new characters, Cable (played by Josh Brolin), the time-traveling assassin who wants to kill Firefist to stop him from kiling Cable’s family in the future. And Domino (played by Zazie Beetz), whose superpower is luck and hand-to-hand combat. Cable’s character is very strong and obviously motivated by the death of his family. Domino however is not explored as much as I would have liked. She is a lot of fun to watch and Beetz plays her very well. However we never get to see much about her actual character, which I was disappointed in. I would love to know more about Domino, but as I said before most people going to a movie like this don’t go for character development.


Like with most of the newer superhero movies, I thought the computer generated images (CGI) was a little overdone. Entire characters, such as Colossus and Juggernaut were completely computer generated. Some of the action sequences were obviously enhanced or entirely done with CGI which I don’t like. However, unlike other films Deadpool actually references this and makes fun of itself for it which I love. I really enjoy how Deadpool is constantly breaking the fourth wall, I find it very funny and unique.


Deadpool 2 is rated R for strong language and violence throughout, sexual references, and brief drug material. It is definitely not for younger viewers.


Deadpool 2 is a very funny, action-packed, film which lacks a bit in storytelling and character development and is very vulgar and raunchy, but is overall a very fun movie to go and see. It earns 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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