The Wrong Missy

The Wrong Missy


By James Davidson


“The Wrong Missy” is a new comedy film starring David Spade and Lauren Lapkus. It was released on May 13th, exclusively on Netflix.David Spade plays Tim Morris, a middle aged manager of a credit company branch who is looking for love on various dating websites. Tim goes on a horrendous first date with “Missy”(played by Lauren Lapkus) who is a seemingly obnoxious, loudly crass, know-it-all who was set up with Tim by his Grandmother. After the nightmare first date ends with Tim escaping through the bathroom window and breaking his ankle. Tim meets, who he thinks is the woman of his dreams, Melissa D (played by Molly Sims) who also goes by Missy. Melissa is a former Ms. Maryland and a two sport collegiate athlete, who likes all of the same things that Tim enjoys. 


Tim decides to invite Melissa to a company retreat in Hawaii with him in order to make his ex-fiance, who is currently engaged to his former friend, jealous. Unfortunately for Tim, he mistakenly texted the wrong Missy and is stuck on what looks to be a weekend from hell in Hawaii with Missy from the terrible first date.


I wasn’t expecting this movie to have an incredible story or be blown away by the acting, but it looked like it could be a cute, fun comedy, that would be good for a couple laughs. This movie delivered exactly what I was expecting, and then some.


This movie had some great comedic moments. A few of them were a little over the top and a bit crass, but most of the jokes were right on the money and had me laughing through most of the film. I was worried that some of the jokes would be overused and get old, that seems to happen in movies such as this one, but other than a few predictable situations, most of the jokes were fresh and hilarious.


While the comedy was hilarious, the acting left a little to be desired. While it wasn’t unbearable, most of the actors were a little type-cast, and I felt like I had seen most of the characters in other movies played by the same people. It didn’t make the movie unenjoyable, but it did keep the movie from being better than it was.


The writing of this movie left me pleasantly surprised. The movie didn’t take the easy route that I thought it was going to take. The “annoying” Missy, actually began to grow on me. I started to like her a little more each time I saw  her and got to know the character better. She grew on Tim as well, and the two actually end up liking each other by the end of the film. I thought that the entire movie was going to be bashing Missy and showing how annoying she is, and Tim trying to get rid of her. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the character development that the writers gave the characters, even if the rest of the plot seemed a bit predictable and simple.


The film is rated TV-MA and has a good bit of adult humor and adult and sexual situations, there is also quite a bit of language. This movie would not be appropriate for younger viewers, which unfortunately seems to be a theme with a lot of Netflix’s newer movies. It is a decent comedy to watch with other adults, if you are in the mood for a funny romantic-comedy with a surprisingly good story, and some unexpectedly good character development.


“The Wrong Missy” is a surprisingly funny, if not simplistic, romantic-comedy. It has some interesting character development, even if the acting is a bit stale. It is definitely worth a watch if you are interested in comedies, or a fan of any of these actors. It’s a fun way to pass some free time while most of us are stuck at home. It earns 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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